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Dot Reference Page

In an effort to compile information helpful to modelers and historians interested in inter-war civil aviation we have created this reference page containing guides to related reference books, priodicals and articales as well as links to online historical photo archives.

As with many sections of our new website, this area is under construction and some sections that we have planned for do not have any information available at this time. Please check our News Page often to see our progress.

Reference Books

Here you will find listings of reference books with inter-war civil content, either by subject or as a full alphabetical listing (this listing includes all cover images and may take some time to load). Some books fit into more than one category, so you may notice some repetition. An effort ahs been made to provide the title, author, ISBN number, and some information as to the content and its quality as a reference as well as cover images. When possible links to online reviews are provided, as well. In some cases only a cover image and title are shown. If you can help complete these listings or contribute new material, please contact us.

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Full Alphabetical List



Wings of Peace

A complete listing of John Stroud's Wings of Peace articles from Aeroplane Monthly. These articles are essential references and are the inspiration for our group's name.

Listed in chronological order                   Listed alphabetically by aircraft

Le Fana de l’Aviation

An index of inter-war aircraft covered in this French aviation magazine, sorted alphabetically by aircraft.

Skyways The Journal of the Airplane 1920-1940:

Included here are links to the Skyways website, to an online index of back issues of Skyways, and to reviews of individual issues of Skyways.

JAS Jottings  The Quarterly Magazine of the Japanese Aviation Special Interest Group; IPMS-UK

Included here are links to online reviews of JAS Jottings.

Bent Throttles The Journal of the Racing and Record Aircraft Special Interest Group; IPMS-UK

Included here are links to online reviews of Bent Throttles and a link to their website.


Online Photo Archives

There are many searchable historical photo archives online which can be useful research tools. We will be adding more items to this list as they become available.

The Transport Archive

This English website's aviation section is viewable by year and covers Bristol, Gloster, Parnall and Westland aircraft. Of note is their excellent coverage of Bristol engines.

The Glenbow Museum, Alberta, Canada

A search using the word "airplane" brought up hundreds of images of Canadian aircraft including: DH 4, DH 60, DH 80, Junkers F 13 & W 34, Stinson SB-1 Detroiter, Fokker Universal, Super Universal & F.XIV, Lockheed Vega, Avro Avian, Bellanca Pacemaker, Pitcairn, Boeing Model 80, Fairchild 71, Curtiss Robin, etc.

Canada Aviation Museum, Ontario, Canada

A great site with images of: Junkers F 13 & W 34, Stinson SB-1 Detroiter, Fokker Universal & Super Universal, Bellanca Pacemaker,Airbus & Aircruiser, Fairchild 71, Curtiss Seagull, HS-2L, Robin & Jenny, etc.



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