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Dot Online Movies - Links to online videos. Please let us know if you find other videos that you want included in this list.

This short film shows a Zeppelin Staaken R XIVa airliner in Aspern, Austria,1919. This surplus World War One aircraft was used by Deutsch Luft Reederei and wears the construction number R 69 and was assigned the civil registration D-129, although it was not applied.
French Airliners
An interesting film showing 3 different early passenger planes; a Bleriot-SPAD 33, what looks like a DH9 landing (SNETA,maybe) and passengers getting out of a Potez IX (Compagnie Franco-Roumaine de L'Aviation,maybe). Thanks to Roger Holden and Alain Bourret for help identifying these aircraft.
Udet Kunstflug
Note: The link to this video is no longer working. If you know where it has been moved to, please let us know. World War One ace and top acrobatic flier Ernst Udet performing at the Cleveland Air Races in his Udet U 12 Flamingo.
Udet Kunstflug
Udet doing some of his most impressive trick flying, including picking up a handkerchief with his wing.


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