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Dot About Us

The Wings of Peace group started as a few 'Between the Wars' civil aviation enthusiasts and modelers sending regular emails to exchange information and discuss what is a mostly neglected era in aviation's long history. The dozen or so original members decided that a Yahoo Discussion Group might be a good way to organize themselves, so on February 3rd, 2004, the Wings of Peace Yahoo Group was formed. Our group has grown, spread largely by word-of-mouth, and now has over 200 members. Our membership includes historians, enthusiasts, authors, static and free flight modelers as well as the owners of various companies producing models and decals.

Sharing friendship and a common interest, the Wings of Peace group contributes research to companies producing models and decals of the civil aircraft of this period, as well as offering support to the individual modeler. We invite you to join the Wings of Peace discussion group (membership required).

The Wings of Peace website has been designed to serve as a reference point for modelers; featuring listings of kits, reference books, links to kit reviews, walk around photos of aircraft of the era*, as well as galleries to showcase models of these aircraft. We hope to provide as much information as possible for modelers and enthusiasts.

One of our goals is to increase the visibility of 'Between the Wars' civil aircraft in the modeling community and toward this end the Wings of Peace group sponsors modeling contests twice yearly, details of which can be found in the contests section of this site.

What you see here is the result of the friendship and helpfulness of the members of the Wings of Peace group. Our aim is to continue to expand and evolve this website to better serve fans of this era of aviation history.

Please bookmark us and stop by often.

This site is respectfully dedicated to our late friend and Wings of Peace member Charlie Schaaf.

* Not yet available.

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